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Snead Co. helmet

  • Ref: c_2100
The Snead company founded 1933 from New Jersey(1933) made 4 different styles of shallow water diving helmets. Styles 1 to 3 were cast iron, style 4 was bronze.
Style Four
This helmet operates with ordinary automobile or bicycle pump and has a sensitive check valve to prevent escape of air, non breakable window.

Effective at depths up to 18 feet. Every municipal and state police department, ship chandler, boat owner, swimming pool owner, boat club, shipyard, fisherman and life saving station should have one of these inexpensive diving helmets.

This style was cast in one piece, and has a prominent foundry parting line, or flange. The air inlet is also top front and it also has a large faceplate. It weighs 30 Kgrs. All Sneads have the name cast in the front. This one reads:
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