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Siebe Gorman London - Helm / Smoke Helmet

  • Ref: c_2054
Siebe Gorman London - Helm / Smoke Helmet

This is a very rare fireman helmet named "SMOKE HELMET". It was made in 1878 from Siebe Gorman & Co.

Siebe Gorman was one of the most famous company in diving equipment founded in the 1830's and at the same time it was the first company that registered the "SMOKE HELMET", a helmet destined to who had to operate in smoking places and places without oxygen or with dangerous gas like mines, fires, etc...

The "SMOKE HELMET" was worn from an operator that received fresh air pumped from another operator that was at safety distance. All this since 1878!

It's composed from a cap, a frontal part and a rear leather part to safe the nape. In the front side there is a visor composed from two opening windows glass made. On the sides there are two attacks for the air inlet. On the cap there is the exhaust valve. Inside the liner is very simple, composed from four canvas strips. On the bottom of the helmet there are some leather strips, probably to attach the helmet to the jacket of the operator.
Siebe Gorman London - Helm / Smoke Helmet - Ref: c_2054 Fire Horn Siebe Gorman Ltd - Ref: o_1072
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