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Siebe Gorman old man inglish helmet circa 1890's

  • Ref: c_2131
Siebe Gorman & Co. 12 bolts, 3 windows antique diving helmet, circa 1890.

I bought it with an original Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd badge on it, but when I received it, looking its serial number #3999, I toke the decision to remove the badge thinking to found an original and usual engraved under it. As I thought, under the badge appeared the original engraved.

After a hard research I discovered that it was usual to send your helmet to Siebe Gorman to repair it and put it on working order again but, if you sent your helmet after the company changed its name, they made some modifications on it as new banana valve position, new exhaust valve and finally, they put a new badge according the company period. In this case this means that helmet was sent to Siebe Gorman to repair after 1904, year when company became in Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd.

Amazing helmet for its history and its well done modifications made in Siebe Gorman Factory. Helmet serial number #3999 all matching numbers in bonnet, breastplate, front window and brailes.
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