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DRAEGER 1910-11 / Facial German mask

  • Ref: c_2103
DRÄGER mod # 1910-11
Full face German mask Dräger model 1910-11.
DRÄGER Company was founded by Johann Heinrich Dräger at the age of 42 years of age, in Lübeck, its business was innovation and sale of equipment, bottling of bier, tank filling eliminating high pressures and working at controlled low pressure. Techniques applied to the life during more than 110 years and its focusing of medicine and security in environment makes that this Company lasts till actual times with a great success.

Control of tank filling at low pressure, bottling of bier, oxygen equipment, welding gear, creation of first antes machines, equipment for rescue in contaminated environments, as mines, creator of the first automatic forced breathing device, also a system of underwater simulation, creator of the first tubeless diving device in the world, during war period it was producing anti-gas masks, also devices for aviation, etc., arriving to actual times with new apparels in medicine for life maintenance.

Image detail extracted from DRÄGUER History website. More info: here
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