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Emil Carlsson & Son helmet

  • Ref: c_2051
Emil Carlsson & Son dive helmet (Stockholm).

In 1910 Emil Carlsson opened his firm called Dykerifirma Emil Carlsson. The workshop where he manufactured his helmets was located at Falugatan 7 in Stockholm. The hlemts featured 4 wing nuts and three lights but without a collar, similar to those made since 1880 by Carl Axel Lindqvist.
History will only recall Carlsson’s name to identify this typically Swedish model, surely thanks to the clear manufacturer’s ID plate placed above the central light on the helmet.
The diver wore two heavy lead weights attached to a belt worn around the waist.
Recent dives using this type of helmet without a collar showed surprising ease of upward arm movement which is not limited by the edges of the collar.

chapter 8 SWEDEN - Page 241
Four light, four bolt type neck ring, spitcock on the right. Same as the Bethel, only a different design. Name tag reads the same as on page 240, except for the “ A B “ in the center. Side view showing another style of an air exhaust valve. And this one sure is big. Rear view showing the telephone connection, air intake and the air exhaust. Last place of residence was Sweden.
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