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Siebe Gorman & Cº LTD Helmet

  • Ref: c_2117
Siebe Gorman & Cº LTD Helmet

SIEBE Gorman & CºLtd. Submarine Engineers London Patent.
English helmet with 4 windows and 6 nuts, with a good patina. No modifications are observed. Helmet, breast plate and brailes are numbered with 12930 number. Face plate has a different number, 12482. The weight of the helmet is 22 Kg. approximately.

As helmet, breast plate and brailes have 12930 number this means that it has been made in 1931, at the end of hand manufacture. After this year mechanical manufacturing was employed. As all Siebe Gorman’s helmets of 6 nuts, brailes are marked with “patent” and “front” or “back” depending of front or back position. On their inner face they have 12930 number.

Another feature of 6 nuts of Siebe Gorman helmet from this period is the exhaust valve, regulated from outside instead of the typical head inner button.
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