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Hanseatische Apparatebau Gesellschaft - Kiel

  • Ref: c_2075
H.A.G. – L.von Bremen 12bolts

A nice and old 12 bolts German helmet, without any modification, all his pieces are original, his state is good, in the plate there appears H.A.G L.von Bremen, approximately of 1913.

The diver's helmet was established late in Germany, near 1870, with French patents, this influence will be reflected in all the German manufactures until the end of the days.

L.Von Bremen is one of the most important German manufacturers; naturally it was a Deutsche Marine supplier.

In 1905 thanks for their partnership with the company Neufeld and Kunhnke, the L. von Bremen plate changes to H.A.G. -.L. Von Bremen. Also in this plate appears the name of Kiel, his new city address since 1913. In his 1920 catalogue shows this 12 bolts helmet to export, as we said previously, the 3 bolts model (French influence) will remain it, and the 12 bolts will be use rarely.
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