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21st Anniversary of the Alderney Club Stamps

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When celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the Alderney Club on February 10, 1988, designed by Victoria Kinnersley, these 6 stamps were issued, as you will see, they stand out for their fascination with diving, reflecting the sea that surrounds them.
  1. It represents the famous LETHBRIDGE barrel bearing the name of its English inventor John Lethbridge from 1715, made up of a wooden barrel, from which his arms protruded through waterproof fabric sleeves, and his hands, smeared with oil, only it could be maintained for 30 minutes breathing the air inside, at the end of which, on the surface, the air was refilled with some bellows for the next dive. It allowed its inventor to rescue numerous Spanish, English and French galleons making a fortune with it.
  2. This stamp represents the famous DEANE open helmet, invented by John Deane and his brother Charles in 1820. It all started when they were in England in a fire where some horses were in danger of fire to cross the smoke they used medieval armor pumping with air with the help of a water pump from the fire brigade, the rescue was a success. Later it was modernized with a leather helmet and feeding by a bellows (smoke). Later it became a diving device, with which they rescued cannons and valuable cargo from well-known ships such as GUERNSEY LILY, MARY ROSE, finally being recognized by the Admiralty obtaining the patent and becoming full-time divers.
  3. This third seal represents the Siebe Gorman helmet, expelling the air with the valve located next to it and adjusted to the hermetic suit, it was used in rescues of Spanish and English doctors such as Royal George, and many others.
  4. This stamp represents the Heinke helmet similar to the Siebe Gorman with more or less advantages and superior qualities, the image is that of the rescue in 1902 from the shipwreck of the Corblets Bay in Alderney islands.
  5. This stamp shows the Custeau-Gagnan diving suit with biraque regulator, goggles and fins in the 1940s
  6. This stamp shows the modern evolution of a Superlte hull - Kirvy Morgan and fiberglass, produced in England and the USA for the modern oil industry or salvage of ships such as the oil tanker MV POINT LAW, in Peace Bay.
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